NuYen Is a Strong asset-backed vertically integrated company. Making trading and spending cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, a seamless transaction.

Extreme Focus Films was privileged to be a part of the World’s first live Crypto Currency Auction which NuYen facilitated the seamless process.

Project Scope

We were asked to collaborate with NuYen alongside Vendors and Auctioneers to come up with a 4 step marketing proposal. With only a 4 week window to film, produce and ignite their marketing approach we had to start straight away. Given that interstate travel was also a factor. A lot of the planning and storey boarding was done on the road. Our first video was directed for the journalists. Which had to be structured carefully. As providing general information about the process was important, keeping the essence of curiosity was NuYen’s anticipation for the big day.

Soon after we had completed the short highlight video of the property and the people involved, for the soon to be World’s First Live Crypto Currency Auction.

These were the two videos that formulated our Hype approach for the event.
Soon after we filmed and produced a further two videos for the post-auction day showing both local and international viewers around the world of the auction day results.

After making headlines on both local and international news. Nguyen had a show of interest from all over the globe. So we followed up with our fourth and final video of the marketing proposal explaining the Point of Sales concept behind the company of NuYen.

It is always an amazing experience collaborating with a company, in this case, NuYen. Where we essentially plant the seed of video content and follow through with progress and results.