About Us

All about who, what and why we do what we do. It’s something we learn more about as we grow as professionals.

The world from above is an amazing place — and at Extreme Focus Films, we frequently get to observe and share the most astonishing and amazing sights. Whether you are looking for magnificent photographs of a city of skyscrapers, a wonderful video showcasing your brand or your special occasion immortalised in a breath-taking film, Extreme Focus can help you stand out from the rest. If you need truly great images and aerial filming, get in touch with us. 

What do we do?

We are a professional, creative & experienced film production studio producing a wide array of projects every year. We are also considered a ‘one stop shop’. From filming/pre to post editing, as well as fully qualified and certified UAV pilots.

We create absolutely breath-taking content. We have a very clear and creative understanding of what our client desires to capture. That’s exactly what makes the result mind-blowing.

A little about us.

Keita and I are young professionals with a passion for film and CGI. We are fully licensed to do the exciting things we do so don’t let the baby faces fool you. Our main focus is to produce films that go above and beyond all expectations. Our unique ability to combine land and aerial filming with CGI is what is keeping us booked months in advance. We’re taking the big screen wonder and bringing it to everyone who wants to create mind-blowing content.

We focus on Brand Content, Travel, Extreme Sports and Weddings. A unique mix for sure, but it makes us absolutely love every day of our venture together.