K & M Wedding

Mike and Kelly’s wedding was one of our favourite events to produce. Their story was not only about their wedding day but about their connection and history to where it all started. Their story began at the beach, where they both volunteer as Life Savers at Maroubra.

Project Scope

We were asked to make 2 Videos. A short 3-minute highlight reel and a 25-minute Movie of all their memorable chapters throughout their special day.

These type of events can easily become a stressful day. However, the best way to avoid high stress is to thoroughly plan and communicate, not only with our Crew but the whole team. Eg. Bride, Groom, Photographers and Event Managers.

One of the major successes we had on this day, was our ability to have our Aerial Cinematographer to program a specific flight course. With this being done we were able to have an extra Videographer film the Bridal Procession, capturing additional angles allowing more creative freedom in post-production.