Play Hard Jet Ski

Play Hard Jet Ski (PHJS) Hire provides the best quality hire jet ski on the market & endeavour to create long lasting memories for all their customers. ‘PHJS’ also provides a service of Jet Ski induction classes on all their premium Ski’s.

Our Film Crew and photographers were sent out on an awesome adventure with the PHJS Team to film and photograph their services and high powered Jet Ski’s.

Given that ‘PHJS’ had a large amount of their clientele come from instagram Our editors were given the task to create two videos that both had to be straight to the point without flooding the viewer with too much information.
The “Induction Video” was the first to be put together for ‘PHJS’ to show the induction service they offer for their Jet Ski’s.

The second “Instagram Video” we were specifically asked to use a certain type of music and style of editing to which would hook the required target audience that PHJS was looking to increase in.

Induction Video

Instagram Video