Unleashed Grad Trips – Japan

A product and a place that are both absolutely amazing! – Nick Pav

Unleashed Grad Trips is an absolutely amazing travel company that provides graduating students to encounter such an exclusive and unique experience of a lifetime to celebrate such a memorable milestone in their lives.

Project Scope

Our team was given this opportunity to capture Unleashed Grad Trips Japan Tour, which is one of many of their exclusive adventures. UGT asked us to capture and articulate the story of why these ‘Grad Trips’ are so epic!


Project Rundown

We were flown to Japan with UGT Crew and students. As soon as we landed in Narita airport our adventure began. We like to think of our team as the ‘experience guide’, telling the story from behind the camera. From there we travelled north into the snowy mountains of Hakuba.

We learnt a lot about filming and logistics during this project; How to achieve efficiency in carrying gear around, preventing equipment from freezing in – 10-degree climates. As well as filming whilst shredding the slopes.

All these challenges were quickly overcome thankfully, due to previous experience and quick thinking from our film crew.

Our biggest challenge would have been carrying one of our commercial drones around. The Inspire 2, for those who are unaware of the weight of this drone, it was like carrying around the most awkward 30kgs up and down flights of stairs. Why did we decide to bring such a big drone? Simple… the opportunities it presented outweighed the obstacles by far. With amazing quality and the ability to change lenses so effortlessly was a huge benefit. However, the biggest advantage of bringing the Inspire 2 was due to the coarse climates and high altitudes. The inspire 2 was able to withstand all of these obstacles with ease compared to many of the other drones on the market.

With such an amazing country we were forced by the beauty of nature to keep our cameras recording. Shooting the enjoyable culture & activities alongside the lively nightlife of Hakuba and Tokyo.

This Project was by far an eye opener for our passion to capture experience, adventure and excitement.

Thank you Unleashed Grad Trips!