Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales

Absolute creativity, here we come! – Nick Pav

Hawaiian Style Rentals allows tourists of Honolulu who are eager to explore the island at their own convenience and pace.

Project Scope

Hawaiian Style Rentals was a project we were offered with rights to full creativity. With little equipment for this unexpected project, we were able to create a hip promotional video for their social media platforms.

We executed Hawaiian Scooter Rentals’ wish, which was to highlight the freedom and adventure to which their rental service provides.


Project Rundown

With very little time too fit this project in. Our team came up with the best yet efficient routes to storyboard this shoot. After this first challenge, we saddled up on our very own Hawaiian Rentals Scooters and began our trip to each filming location. Our personal goal for this film was to film with a 1st person perspective alongside incorporating two travellers, capturing their trip up the east coast of Honolulu.

The only minor obstacle we came across during filming on location was piloting the drone in high winds. However thanks to great technology and highly experienced UAV Operators. Our Chief UAV Operator either flew to the conditions or used set flight paths using the geolocation and high landscape to our advantage using the mountains and man-made roads as wind barriers.

Due to our vehicle, we had to pack light bringing only the bare minimum of gear and essential equipment. After our one day of shooting with thankfully no major problems, it was time to head to the studio and enter post-production.

Such an amazing experience to share with and provide a solution for tourists craving adventure and freedom.

Thank you Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales