Alpine Projects Australia

The better the plan the better the execution! – Nick Pav

Alpine Projects is an Australian company that plan, design, construct & complete residential abodes. Extreme Focus Films were called in for various projects of theirs. To assist in building video portfolios for certain high-profile projects. This allows Alpine Projects Australia to advertise and showcase their designs and properties to future clientele.

Project Scope

When our team were onsite we filmed everything from externals and internals, covering various room types and levels all within 2 hours. How do we manage to keep our daily schedule on time?
In my professional opinion, it all comes down to organisation and pre-planning followed through with executing the given tasks on site.

Project Rundown

With these sort of shoots, the site manager is escorting us around the property. With only a certain amount of time that the site manager can allocate for filming. This creates pressures for our film crew, so time is of the essence which is why pre-planning was a very important process for this type of project.

The major issue we came across when filming on this project, was when filming internally the natural light from the windows were so bright it would light up the whole room perfectly, however, the camera would then be blinded by a white glow from the window which created an unattractive glare. So to counteract this issue we decided it would be a job to fix in post editing.

What we did was draw boxes around each window and reduced the exposure and altered the colouring. Which created even lighting of the inside and outside landscape

It was an enjoyable new project we love working with Alpine Projects Australia. It’s always fun filming elegant designs.

Thank you Alpine Projects Australia!